Nov 21, 2006

My Spell Didn't Work - So Witchcraft Doesn't Work!

"Witchcraft doesn't work - so my spell didn't work!"

I sometimes receive emails from people saying exactly that to me. They cast a spell yesterday, last week, a couple of weeks ago and it didn't produce the results they desired.

A couple of things I say consistently in response to that are:

The foundation of witchcraft is based on belief – believing that something you desire can and will happen. Like attracts like.

So the key is for you to be in that position of believing that you have the power to create what you desire, and the spell is your vehicle to do this. Otherwise, no amount of spell casting or magick making will work.

The power comes from the witch themselves – and everyone has that power.

When you decide you have that, then you will see spells working for you very quickly.

So that is how you begin, then when you have cast your spell...

If you are waiting (think fingers drumming on the table top, or waiting expectantly for it to materialize) for the spell to happen - your energy and focus is actually on that it 'might not happen' - whereas the key to casting a spell is to know with absolutely certainty it will happen for you and then you let it go. Waiting is not a factor as you know it is going to happen.

You do not cast a spell and then expect it to happen overnight or within a week - as again that is telling that your energy is on fear, anxiety and that it may not happen.

YOU are the key to the spell working - and it is about you having that certainty of what you want to have happen will - you can feel it as if it is your reality now.

I can promise you that when you fully, truly and deeply believe that what you want to have happen will - to the point that you can see, feel, touch and taste it - it will eventuate.

Because...LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE - the energy you put out will come back to you in like. If you focus on hoping, worrying or wondering if it will happen - you will stay in that state - it wont eventuate. When you trust, know and accept it as a certainty - so it becomes.

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"Witchcraft doesn't work - so my spell didn't work!"

Nov 19, 2006

Does Being A Witch Mean I Can't Be a Christian?

Another common Witchcraft question I get asked is:

Does being a witch mean I can't be a christian?

Witchcraft has received most recognition in the modern world as stemming from Paganism - the term can be defined broadly, to encompass many or most of the faith traditions outside the Abrahamic monotheistic group of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

In many associate it with Wicca - which is a Neo Pagan religion first founded in 1954 by Gerald Gardner.

It is not always widely acknowledged that many ancient and current cultures have some form of magickal practice - and they may call their practioners witches, shamans, medicine men/women, wise man/woman and many other terms.

In fact in ancient Alexandrian times there are records of spells to have come from Judaism as well as Christianity, as well as many other religions.

So you can be a 'witch' and also be a christian if you choose to be.

Practicing witchcraft is about consciously creating outcomes that you desire, or are desired by others that give you permission to create them.

We are ALL born with the gift of being able to create magick. The key is to switch on that magick lightbulb inside of us and learn how to direct our energy with the energies of the Universe.

Also for clarification - you can practice Witchcraft and not be Wiccan, or you can be Wiccan and not practice Witchcraft, or you can be both or neither.

There is in fact great flexibility with the Craft - with the important features being to come from a loving, genuine place ('black magick' is an aberration that white witches do not engage with or acknowledge); that you do not divine against another's free will and you offer libations for assistance that you receive - more on that later. And that you believe in the power to receive what you wish for to the point of certainty.

I trust you have found this useful - and like with anything in this world - there are different factions with different takes on the meaning of The Craft. Ours stems from ancient, well meaning origins.




Witchcraft: Fastest Growing Spiritual Path

Witchcraft: Fastest Growing Spiritual Path

I came across this post - and have to say was thrilled to see what it said.

Namely that modern witchcraft, wicca and paganism are the fastest growing spiritual paths on planet earth at the moment.

To read more go here:

Witchcraft Is Fastest Growing Spiritual Path



Is Witchcraft Evil?

Hi there,

I want to spend some time answering some questions I typically get asked about Witchcraft.

The first one is: "Is witchcraft evil?"

Short answer is no it's not! :-)

Witchcraft - true witchcraft comes from an open hearted, loving space. And it is about working as one with the universal energies and nature to consciously create.

A witch can divine for her/himself - there is absolutely nothing wrong with consciously creating positive things for yourself.

The key is that you do not knowingly spell cast at the expense of another.

Nor must you EVER divine against another's free will. This is especially important when casting love spells. You can indeed put out a person's name - and let it go, also stating that you ask the universal energies to bring you what is for your highest good.

So witchcraft in many many ways - is the root of all personal development today!

It is about consciously creating.

A witch's power comes from his/her ability to be able to see, feel, taste, touch what it is they want as if they have it now. They have absolutely certainty and belief and are focusing on what they do want versus what they don't.

Witches also should never cast a spell involving another person without that person's express request or approval to do so.

I personally am a fan for people casting their own spells for themselves - as I believe we have the greatest power to attract what it is we want - as like attracts like.

Where the power of a group spell can be useful is if a friend or coven members asks you to support them with a particular spell - it might be for improved health, or strength in the face of a difficult personal situation.

There are many more things I want to write about.

I will leave those for another time :-)