Jan 22, 2007

The Mystique of the Pentagram in Witchcraft

The Mystique of the Pentagram in Witchcraft

I am often asked about the meaning of the pentagram, or five-pointed star. Many believe it to be a symbol of the devil, but in actuality, it has many meanings for many types of people.

The origin of the magickal five-pointed star is lost in the mists of time. Early examples occur in the relics of Babylon. The Christians regarded it as representing the Five Wounds of Christ, and hence it is sometimes found in church architecture. The front of the famous Exeter Cathedral has a pentagram on it.

This sign also occurs among the emblems of Freemasonry. Some regard it as being the Seal of Solomon, though this is more often given to the six-pointed star.

Some old Celtic coins show the figure of a pentagram on them. Something very like the five-pointed star occurs naturally on some fossils, and those have always been prized by witches for this reasons, as being highly magickal.

The reason why pentagrams are considered a symbol of magick is because the five points represent the four elements of life, plus spirit, the unseen and the beyond -- the source of accult power. For this reason, the pentagram should be drawn with one point upwards, the point of Spirit presiding over the other four. It is Mind ruling over the World of Matter.

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The Mystique of the Pentagram in Witchcraft

Magickal Amulets to Avert Danger

Magickal Amulets to Avert Danger Used in Witchcraft

An amulet is a magickal object, the purpose of which is to avert danger and evil influence from its possessor. It is a protection device, as opposed to a Talisman. The latter is intended to attract some benefit to its possessor, whereas the amulet acts as an occult shield to repel. These days, people use the term "amulet" to mean good luck as well a a repellent for evil, but the original meaning was to protect.

All kinds of things have been and still are used as amulets all over the world. They are most called on to drive away evil and bad luck generally.

The idea that an amulet needs to be consecrated in order to be really effective, is behind the belief that a "lucky charm" which someone gives you is more potent than one which you buy for yourself. The thought of goodwill behind the gift has in a sense consecrated it.

The usual practice of witches, when giving someone an amulet, is to choose some small object which is strange or unusual, which makes a strong impression on the mind of the recipient. They will then charm the object with some ceremony or formula of words, and give it to the person, usually telling them to keep it secret and not show it to anyone else.

Life being what it is, everyone at some time or other encounters adverse conditions, and becomes prey to depression and negative thinking. Acquiring an amulet can change the direction of their thought, restore their self-confidence, and so really and effectively change their luck.

As I always say... like attracts like. If you feel that someone or something is an evil in your life, then it attracts more evil. Receiving an amulet to ward off the evil can change the flow of the forces to a positive one.

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Magickal Amulets to Avert Danger Used in Witchcraft