Feb 14, 2007

Never Divine Against Another's Free Will - Rule of Three!

I received this letter for a member of our community that I wanted to share with you - whilst protecting their identity.

It is a great reminder of the importance of NOT divining against another's free will. The Law of Three - Click Here for more info on it - does come into play - every time!

Dear Ms. Arabella Jolie,

I have received many of your emails talking about love spells. I've been a witch at that time for about four years. The reason I decided to follow the wiccan faith was at first desperate for love in my life.

Not just anyone to love me but, to gain the favor of a particular person, the father of my children.

I too became a witch because I fell in love with the love that the goddess had to offer.

How ever in due time I became to understand the importance and the depth of what it means to be a witch.

I understand the great power that comes along with being a witch which frankly scared the living pants off of me.

When I did spells to help me keep my home and it worked ( I had to fight in court). It was great but too, kind of scary.

The love spells were the real kicker. I understand the 3 fold law but I was so desperate to have that man, I didn't care what happened. I bound him too me: two weeks later I got pregnant.

I did a lust spell on him. He wouldn't leave me alone but it wasn't a good thing all we did was argue because we clashed as we were not meant to be together.

Because of the lust spell, 3 days later our sex was so different. He was way too into me, it was as if he needed to me drink me in tearing me, biting me. I liked it but it was obvious to me that it was the lust spell that was making him do this.

Yes I had him, sometimes it was great, other times a living hell as he became controlling.

Sometimes he would say to me "I don't even know why I came". In my head I said, "I do".

I've found that a person has to have a strong sence of moral to be a witch, to be really responsible. In witch craft you're dealing with the good and bad and it takes a strong person to be able to balance that.

This is a letter from a real person - and it tells a real story of the heart ache they caused themselves by divining against another's free will in their desperate attempt to get love.

What I admire about this person is their ability to learn and not repeat mistakes - I take my hat off to them, and hope that you reading this do not end up learning the hard way (and it's pretty awful) like they did.



Feb 13, 2007

Witches Also Celebrate Valentines Day!

I know that for many Valentines Day is more deserved of being called Hallmark Day

The thing though with a day like today - is that it reminds us of something that is worthwhile doing 24/7 for every day of the year...

And that is to LOVE one another.

This is not confined to romantic love alone - this is about opening your heart and giving of yourself and your positive regard to others.

As opposed to waiting, hoping or demanding you get it first.

You see this is also what makes Witches so powerful.

A true witch who practices the craft draws on his/her power by going into their heart.

It is about consciously creating with an open heart space.

When we are in a state of love, joy, peace, calm, fulfilment we are able to manifest more powerfully what it is we desire.

Now you might read that and think - "that's impossible, how can I do that, when I want this so so much?!"

And that is what it is ALL about. That you can see, touch, taste and feel what you want to have as if you have it now - so you feel those joyous, happy, loving feels as you would when your heart's desire comes to you.

As remember the universal principal is that LIKE attracts LIKE.

So whether it be today - Febraury 14th or any other day - I encourage you to open your heart - as when you do...you will be opening your power to consciously create magick in your life!

Happy Valentines Day to Witches and those still yet to become...