Aug 23, 2007

Wiccan Spells: Is There A Difference?

Wiccan Spells: Is There A Difference?

I hear people talk about Wicca as if it is synonymous with witchcraft.

I want to offer a clear distinction here.

As it is great that Wicca is becoming a more widely used and acceptable term. It does not seem to conjour up the same mistrust and misinformation as the word 'witchcraft' does.

Wicca and Witchcraft are two separate entities that are compatible with each other.

In plainer english. You can be Wiccan and not be practicing witchcraft. You can practice Witchcraft and not be Wiccan. You can be both and you can be neither.

Many Wiccans (as part of the pagan religion known as Wicca) do infact practice witchcraft.

And they do have spells that originate from Wicca practices. Hence why they are called Wiccan Spells or Wicca Spells.

Now some witchcraft spells may get called Wiccan spells simply by default - as you associate wicca with the craft.

OK - so has that cleared a few things up :-)

How about then a Free Wiccan Spell for you to practice with?

Here's a lovely Wiccan Spell for Peace and Harmony

Items needed:

  • Rose quartz
  • A Mirror
  • A Pink Candle
Light the pink candle and place it in front of the mirror. Holding the rose quartz in your hands, gaze at the flame reflected in the mirror and chant the following:

O blessed and reflected light Bring to me peace this night Let my mind and heart be free And filled with love and harmony

Look past the flame into the mirror. Try to see which negative elements are affecting you at the moment, that you would like to remove from your mind, heart and life.

See them begin to be drawn into the candle flame and then into the mirror.

Then when you feel ready, place the mirror face down.

Allow the candle to burn for one hour and then snuff it out.

Clean the mirror in salt water and repeat whenever you feel this is necessary :-)

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Aug 22, 2007

Witch Spells: How To Know If It's A 'Good' Spell

Witch Spells: How Do I Know If It's A Good Spell?

This is quite a common question.

And it is two fold in how I will approach this.

As I stated in my previous post here the key determinent in any spell work is actually the spell caster.

What will be the deciding factor in whether a spell works for you or not is YOU.

In that it is about you being prepared to believe, to the point of KNOWING that what you want to have happen will.

It would be very easy for me to promise that the heavens will part, fairy dust will come trinkling down and then, poof it will happen.

And then I would not be being honest with you or in integrity with The Craft.

Spells can work incredibly fast - there's no doubt about it.

And witches who are successful with this are those that are most able to move themselves into that place of absolute certainty that what they will spell cast for, will eventuate.

And here's the thing - ANYONE can achieve this outcome.

YOU reading this can too. I assure you of this. Once you are prepared to let go any baggage around what it is you want (and don't have).

As long as you are not trying to manipulate the feelings or behaviors of another.

As long as you spell cast with a true and open heart - witch spells can work for you too.

OK onto Stage Two of how to know if a witch spell is a 'good one'.

Here's some telling signs:

1. If it suggests harming or determining another's behavior - it is not a true white witch spell.

2. If it suggests that you wave a wand, jump up and down on a spot, or anything seeming from a movie or story book - it is not a true witches spell.

3. It reinforces how important YOUR role in the success of a spell is.

4. It is focusing on gaining you positive results in your life, without it being to another's detriment.

5. It works with any or all of the 4 elements - earth, air, water, fire. And may also have a metal component.

6. Candle spells are generally great, safe, yet powerful spells

7. Here are some things it can have but does not need to: an altar, chanting, sacred circle, athame, tarot cards, wand, salt, cauldron, pentagram/pentacle *

* this leads onto another point with witch spells - you DO NOT need to work with the traditional witches tools - there are many ways a spell can be constructed and offered to you for your purposes.

More on that in another post :-)

I hope this gives you more understanding about witch spells.

There is a wonderful mystic around witchcraft, which we hold dear and is necessary.

And it is also open to ALL that have a true & good intent for what they want to use it for.

And remember...

Know that what you want will happen to the point of certainty...and so it will become!

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Aug 21, 2007

Witchcraft Spells: What You Need To Know

I get so many emails from people wanting to know if witchcraft spells work. And then what they need to do to guarantee they are successful for them.

I can answer the first question very simply...

Yes they do work!

And sometimes they don't...

If they do not work - it is not because the spell was a fake, or not powerful enough, or that witchcraft itself is a bunch of hogwash.

The only reason a spell does not work is because of the spell caster.

It is as simple as that.

With any witchcraft spells, witch spells, wicca spells - any spells - the key determinent is always the spell caster.

As spell in of itself can be a powerful entity - and some spells definitely do carry more power that others.

But where people go wrong - time and time again - is that they think it is the spell that is the 'magic charm' that will do all of the work for them.

It is like having a thoroughbred horse - you have to know how to ride it, and also want to learn to work with that horse to get the most from it.

With spell work - the thing that YOU need to do the most is actually to be willing to believe that what you want to have happen will.

You need to FOCUS on your desire outcome.

FOCUS on your having that desired outcome as if it is your reality already.

If you do not approach it from that perspective. If you think a spell will happen outside of your own energy - chances are it wont work.

See whatever you are focused on when you are spell casting - so if it is the 'not having' or the 'longing' (which is the not having, dressed up a different way) - then that is what you will end up attracting back to you.

So ALWAYS with spell work - work on your own focus, and this might take time - it's worth it. Work on your own focus so that you believe to the point of knowing, that what you want to have happen will.

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Best wishes with your spell work.



Jul 6, 2007

On The Subject Of Free Witch Spells

Everyone loves Free Witch Spells - and if you click on that link you can go grab some :-)

The thing to know with any spell - free or paid - is to approach it with the right intention. If you focus on abundance when you spell cast - you'll receive abundance back.

As like attracts like - and so it is important when casting any spell to have an open, loving, abundant heart and certainty that what you want to have happen will.

Now this can be challenging when your 'reality' seems to be the opposite - however this is the principal upon which magick works upon.

To create a new reality you have to live it beforehand with your feelings - you have to be prepared ot let go your emotions about your current situation and feel the feelings you would have if you had what your heart desires.

So again go here and grab these: Free Witch Spells - and enjoy :-)

Jul 5, 2007

How To Get Your Free Easy Love Spell To Work

If you go to this site: free easy love spells - you will be able to claim your own love spell for no cost. The thing though that you also need to be aware of with love spells - or with any spells for that matter - is that you must never divine against another's free will.

So you might be looking for a love spell because you are desperate for a love to return to you - or you have an unrequited love and you want that to change.

This is where it gets tricky - because yes you can indeed cast a spell asking for love to come to you. And you can specify the qualities - and you might have someone in mind - that's OK - to have someone in mind.

As long as you do not then name them - and specify it can only be them.

Then you are defying the respect of another's free will and automatically invoke The Rule Of Three.

The best thing when cast a love spell - whether it be a free easy love spell, or a wiccan love spell - or any kind of love spell. Is to be clear on the qualities you want to attract and cast for that. Leave ALL names out of it.



May 31, 2007

What Are Witchcraft Spells?

I often get asked about what makes a spell? And it's a great question.

There are many forms a spell can take.

It can be about words - with a verse, song or short prose

It can be about actions - a ritual, actions you take

It can be about tools & props - candles, oils, crystals and so on

There are many things that can go into a spell.

What is consistent with any spell is the thought behind it - as a spell is about conscious creation - or said the other way - creating consciously.

So when you cast a spell - however you do it, whatever spell you choose, the main stay is that you are focused on what you DO want. Not on what you don't.

And this focus is with your thoughts - and even more important with your feelings.

That you feel that what you desire is already yours. You feel it as if it is real for you now - your focus is on that rather than what is your 'current reality'

As witchcraft and spells are based on the Universal Law of Like Attracts Like - so if you continue to focus on your current reality before, during or after you cast a spell - well like attracts like - you will attract more of your current reality.

It is worth stating the there IS power in the words, verse, actions, props etc - however they alone will not make a spell work.

YOU will make a spell work.



Mar 29, 2007

Spell Casting: How Do You Close A Sacred Circle?

I often get asked about how best to close the Sacred Circle after you have finished spell casting.

I thought it worthwhile writing this up and posting it here :-)

When you cast the Sacred Circle you put three scoops of salt stirred into water. And then you the practitioner visualizes all negative thoughts and vibrations evaporating.

You then point the athame at the physical circle boundary and you will walk around the circle visualizing a beam of energy or light flowing from the end of the athame onto the circle boundary.

This is generally done clockwise.

Taking down or dismantling the sacred space involves the same procedure as creating it.

This time everything is done in reverse.

You begin in the North, pointing the Athame at the Northern Quadrant visualizing the Guardian returning to where it came from.

You continue moving counter clockwise dismissing the Guardians by moving widdershins (counterclockwise) around the circle, reciting in the appropriate quadrant what you generally recite.

Once you have dismissed the Guardians you then 'take up the circle' beginning in the North.

And you point the Athame at the circle boundary line withdrawing the psychic energy which was earlier placed there.

All items, tools etc used during the ritual also need to be put away unless it is an area used exclusively for ritual.

I trust this clarifies how best to complete your spell casting.