Nov 13, 2006

A Happy Home Spell

I am a great believer in your home being your foundation to your
own wellbeing.

In today's modern world we have so much going on in our lives -
with our jobs, our relationships, our family, our health, our
finances, OUR SELVES!

That sometimes you might be feeling like a juggler that truly could
do with about 3 more pairs of hands!

When all else is not peaceful on the home front it can be extremely
hard to concentrate on anything else.

Sometimes more than anything, you need to have a peaceful home and
a family (or flatmates) that don't argue.

This is where magick and witchcraft can help:

Now the ideal is to perform a HAPPY HOME spell before you move into
a new place - believing that it is easier to prevent trouble than
fix it.

AND you can still get powerful results from a spell cast when you
might be right in the midst of strife.

In fact a favorite spell of mine is the:

Basil Happiness Spell

I especially like this one because it has the added benefit of
attracting financial abundance as well - you see basil is the herb
of positive abundance.

First up:

1) Buy a new broom yourself (and discard any old ones) and use this
new broom to sweep the floors of any old negative energy hanging
around (this broom MUST be new - to bring in positive new

2) Grow Basil in your garden, around the house


3) Place pots of fresh basil by your front entrance and around the
perimeter of your home


4) If it's not possible to grow basil - then place fresh basil in a
vase in a prominent spot in your kitchen, replacing it weekly or as
soon as it starts to spoil.

This Basil will draw into your house joy, harmony, tranquility,
cooperation and peace.

And also be aware that YOU TOO must have the right and matching
energy and focus of a desire to have a happy, harmonious home - do
not project the responsibility onto others.

Remember LIKE attracts LIKE.

So cast this spell and YOU also be what you are asking for :-)