Mar 29, 2007

Spell Casting: How Do You Close A Sacred Circle?

I often get asked about how best to close the Sacred Circle after you have finished spell casting.

I thought it worthwhile writing this up and posting it here :-)

When you cast the Sacred Circle you put three scoops of salt stirred into water. And then you the practitioner visualizes all negative thoughts and vibrations evaporating.

You then point the athame at the physical circle boundary and you will walk around the circle visualizing a beam of energy or light flowing from the end of the athame onto the circle boundary.

This is generally done clockwise.

Taking down or dismantling the sacred space involves the same procedure as creating it.

This time everything is done in reverse.

You begin in the North, pointing the Athame at the Northern Quadrant visualizing the Guardian returning to where it came from.

You continue moving counter clockwise dismissing the Guardians by moving widdershins (counterclockwise) around the circle, reciting in the appropriate quadrant what you generally recite.

Once you have dismissed the Guardians you then 'take up the circle' beginning in the North.

And you point the Athame at the circle boundary line withdrawing the psychic energy which was earlier placed there.

All items, tools etc used during the ritual also need to be put away unless it is an area used exclusively for ritual.

I trust this clarifies how best to complete your spell casting.