May 31, 2007

What Are Witchcraft Spells?

I often get asked about what makes a spell? And it's a great question.

There are many forms a spell can take.

It can be about words - with a verse, song or short prose

It can be about actions - a ritual, actions you take

It can be about tools & props - candles, oils, crystals and so on

There are many things that can go into a spell.

What is consistent with any spell is the thought behind it - as a spell is about conscious creation - or said the other way - creating consciously.

So when you cast a spell - however you do it, whatever spell you choose, the main stay is that you are focused on what you DO want. Not on what you don't.

And this focus is with your thoughts - and even more important with your feelings.

That you feel that what you desire is already yours. You feel it as if it is real for you now - your focus is on that rather than what is your 'current reality'

As witchcraft and spells are based on the Universal Law of Like Attracts Like - so if you continue to focus on your current reality before, during or after you cast a spell - well like attracts like - you will attract more of your current reality.

It is worth stating the there IS power in the words, verse, actions, props etc - however they alone will not make a spell work.

YOU will make a spell work.