Jul 6, 2007

On The Subject Of Free Witch Spells

Everyone loves Free Witch Spells - and if you click on that link you can go grab some :-)

The thing to know with any spell - free or paid - is to approach it with the right intention. If you focus on abundance when you spell cast - you'll receive abundance back.

As like attracts like - and so it is important when casting any spell to have an open, loving, abundant heart and certainty that what you want to have happen will.

Now this can be challenging when your 'reality' seems to be the opposite - however this is the principal upon which magick works upon.

To create a new reality you have to live it beforehand with your feelings - you have to be prepared ot let go your emotions about your current situation and feel the feelings you would have if you had what your heart desires.

So again go here and grab these: Free Witch Spells - and enjoy :-)