Aug 21, 2007

Witchcraft Spells: What You Need To Know

I get so many emails from people wanting to know if witchcraft spells work. And then what they need to do to guarantee they are successful for them.

I can answer the first question very simply...

Yes they do work!

And sometimes they don't...

If they do not work - it is not because the spell was a fake, or not powerful enough, or that witchcraft itself is a bunch of hogwash.

The only reason a spell does not work is because of the spell caster.

It is as simple as that.

With any witchcraft spells, witch spells, wicca spells - any spells - the key determinent is always the spell caster.

As spell in of itself can be a powerful entity - and some spells definitely do carry more power that others.

But where people go wrong - time and time again - is that they think it is the spell that is the 'magic charm' that will do all of the work for them.

It is like having a thoroughbred horse - you have to know how to ride it, and also want to learn to work with that horse to get the most from it.

With spell work - the thing that YOU need to do the most is actually to be willing to believe that what you want to have happen will.

You need to FOCUS on your desire outcome.

FOCUS on your having that desired outcome as if it is your reality already.

If you do not approach it from that perspective. If you think a spell will happen outside of your own energy - chances are it wont work.

See whatever you are focused on when you are spell casting - so if it is the 'not having' or the 'longing' (which is the not having, dressed up a different way) - then that is what you will end up attracting back to you.

So ALWAYS with spell work - work on your own focus, and this might take time - it's worth it. Work on your own focus so that you believe to the point of knowing, that what you want to have happen will.

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Best wishes with your spell work.